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Daisy Kay Crystals, Coffee, & Gifts is an entirely family run business featuring lovingly sourced crystals, coffee, and gifts! We are also proudly a women ran, as well as Veteran ran business. Our story starts back in 2019, when my sister (Myah) and I (Ashley) decided we wanted to partner up to start a shop centered around our favorite Earth offerings (crystals!). We chose the name Daisy Kay (Crystals) as a homage to our late and dearly beloved family dog; Daisy. Losing her was very difficult, and I turned to crystals for comfort and inspiration. Finding joy in crystals, made me first want to share them with my family, and this would later lead to us wanting to share them with others. As mentioned our shop was founded in 2019, and  started entirely online. We began building a small following of fellow crystal lovers. However, we took on other demanding job roles, and were not able to properly dedicate our time to Daisy Kay until late 2021. In January of 2022 we were presented with a unique opportunity (with the support of our wonderful mom) to open a small physical shop in Elkader, Iowa (which we adored, but felt compelled to expand early on). We came across our current shop in McGregor, Iowa and fell in love instantly! The tricky part was this space was a restaurant (not retail), and the town had come to appreciate the offerings of a restaurant in this area. We decided to team up with our mom, dad, my husband, and our third sister to take on the task of creating a unique shop that offered both crystals/gifts as well as coffee and food/snacks. Right away we were tasked with renovating this cute shop to fit our specific needs; a place that offers the right energy for connecting with crystals, while also offering space to relax and enjoy specialty coffee and food with friends. I am always amazed at what this family can accomplish together, and through a lot of effort and determination we created the wonderful shop space we had always imagined! We found an excellent coffee source in Bonafide Brewing Co., and are now the first shop in Iowa to offer this brand of Craft Draft! Our incredible mother has many years of food service and has created a sweet menu as well as delicious grab and go offerings that can be enjoyed on our beautiful patio space or in the nearby Triangle Park. We continue to source our crystals, often very locally from reputable sources that love crystals and teaching about crystals just as much as us! While we have used crystals in many ways in our lives, we find that each person has a different reason for their interest in crystals which can range from statement decor in the home, adding to rockhounding collections, or metaphysical use. Our directive as a small community forward shop is to spread joy, offer unique goods and services, and to be a place for everyone to enjoy. We also continue to be an online presence (Daisy Kay Crystals on Facebook and Instagram) in hopes of continuing to connect wonderful people with wonderful crystals, no matter where you are located. We are so thankful for all of the support we have received as we go through this journey of expansion, and learning how to offer the best of ourselves everyday, because our guests truly mean the world to our little family run shop. We hope to see you soon!